Morris County, NJ

Morris County – Discover the Best of New Jersey in this Northern County

Morris County is among the fastest growing counties in the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut metropolitan region. It’s nestled amid rolling hills, broad valleys, and glittering lakes approximately 30 miles northwest of New York City.

Morris County is located in the northern part of New Jersey and is home to a population of around 500,000 people. The county is known for its historic sites, parks and natural beauty, and vibrant communities. It is also home to several major corporations, including Honeywell, Novartis, and Morristown Medical Center.

Morris County offers a variety of housing options for those looking to make their home in the area. There are historic homes, modern apartments, and spacious suburban homes available in the county’s many communities. Some popular towns to consider include Morristown, Madison, and Chatham. Residents of Morris County enjoy easy access to parks, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment, as well as a convenient location for commuting to other parts of the region.

If you’re looking to settle down in Morris County, here are some facts about the area that might interest you!

Brief Overview of Morris County

The county combines natural beauty and pleasant suburban living with proximity to metropolitan surroundings. Its rolling landscape is dotted with lakes and rivers which form most of its boundaries with the adjacent counties of Essex, Union, Somerset, Warren, Sussex, and Passaic.

The character of industry in Morris County has changed from iron mining to research, pharmaceuticals, and light manufacturing. In the same period, the character of the land itself changed from agricultural to residential. Beautiful homes and gardens predominate, both in housing developments, many of them located on the estates of former millionaires, to small country estates. New construction, both residential, commercial, and industrial, is constant. There are large numbers of garden-type apartments and condominiums, both in the towns and the countryside.

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Education in Morris County

Morris County has a strong education system, with several public school districts serving the area. These districts include the Morris School District, the Parsippany-Troy Hills Township School District, and the Randolph Township Schools, among others. The county is also home to several private schools, including religious schools and independent schools. For higher education, Morris County is home to several colleges and universities, including the College of Saint Elizabeth and County College of Morris.

The Morris County Vocational School District located in Denville provides vocational and enrichment programs, for high school students and continuing adult education, that inspires and prepares students to succeed in today’s world and pursue tomorrow’s opportunities.

Museums and cultural facilities abound in Morris County to augment those in the nearby metropolitan area.

The Climate in Morris County

Morris County experiences a humid continental climate, with cold winters and warm summers. Average temperatures range from the low 20s in January to the high 80s in July. The area receives around 45 inches of precipitation per year, with the majority falling as rain in the summer months.

Public Transportation in Morris County

Morris County offers a variety of public transportation options, including train service provided by NJ Transit. The Morristown Line runs through the county, with stations in several towns including Morristown, Denville, and Dover. Bus service is also available throughout the county, with routes connecting to neighboring counties and New York City.

MAPS is a curb-to-curb shared-ride transportation service available to Morris County residents. This service is for senior citizens, people with disabilities, and veterans. They also provide transportation to the general public who live in rural areas of the county.

Morris County also offers municipal Dial-a-Rides which provide transportation for local seniors for a variety of purposes, including medical and grocery shopping trips.

Make your Home in Morris County

Life in Morris County is diverse and interesting. It has a diverse population, attracting outdoor enthusiasts, city-dwellers, shoppers, foodies, performing arts lovers, history buffs, young professionals, high-powered executives, and families of all ages. The County boasts 13,000 acres that encompass 28 parks, hundreds of restaurants, shopping choices that range from large department stores and sprawling malls to mom-and-pops and independent boutiques, and dozens of historic sites. The area is rich in culture, offering plenty of ways to enjoy art, music, and theater. Families with children have access to an incredibly rich array of recreational and educational opportunities.

Morris County truly has it all, but for those who want even more, New York City and Philadelphia are just a short drive away!

Whether you are relocating here or considering making this county your new home, I am sure you will discover why Morris County is a truly special place!

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