Union County, NJ

Union County – Everything You Wish for In a Hometown And More

Situated in the northwestern part of New Jersey, Union County is a beautiful county known for its convenient position near Manhattan. With a population of nearly 600,000, the county boasts a wide array of magnificent neighborhoods and plenty of housing options across its 21 municipalities. In addition, the excellent education opportunities, thriving job market, and plenty of things to do are major attractions for potential homebuyers. Here’s everything else you should know about Union County before relocating to one of its neighborhoods

Brief Overview of Union County

Resting in the northwestern part of New Jersey, Union County is conveniently located just a few miles away from Manhattan and other big cities, making it an ideal location to call home for daily commuters. In addition, the county is enveloped in a peaceful aura with plenty of natural beauty that lets you relax and unwind at the end of a tedious day.

The housing market varies across the county. Though the median home value in Union County is $498K, a bit of research will help you find a home that meets your lifestyle, needs, and budget.

The Summit City, located near the peak of the Watchung Mountains, is renowned for its unique shopping, dining, and arts scene. Residents enjoy spending their time at the Mall at Short Hills, Bull N Bear Brewery, and Peppercorn Diner. Typically, the price of homes for sale in the city range from $175,000 to $6.8 million. This includes condos, single-family homes, mansions, and more.

Another notable city in Union County is Cranford Township. Located in the heart of Union County, Cranford Township rests in close proximity to the Rahway River and hence the Rahway River Parkway. The Gourmet Deli, Tomasello Winery, and The Rustic Mill Diner & Pancake House are a few attractions in the city. There are plenty in Cranford Township in single and multi-story dwellings available at a price range between $210,000 to $1.1 million.

A few other cities you should consider when looking to relocate to Union County include Westfield, Berkeley Heights Township, Fanwood, Springfield, and Scotch Plain. Regardless of where you choose to settle in Union County, you are guaranteed a great time and life in one of New Jersey’s charming neighborhoods.

Homes for Sale

Education in Union County

The Union County Educational Services Commission (UCESC) oversees and runs the school system in Union County. There are 20 school districts plus an additional Union County Vocational-Technical Schools that offer full-time and split-time vocational programs.

Union County is home to 182 public schools that serve more than 97,000 students from across the region and 101 private schools in Union County serving 14,000 students. Tertiary educational institutes in the county include Kean University, Union County College, Rutgers University, and the College of New Jersey.

The Climate in Union County

Union County residents enjoy humid, warm summers and cold winters. There are 205 sunny days per year, right at the national average, and the county also sees about 49 inches of rainfall annually. During summer, the temperatures average 86 degrees, and it is when residents and tourists alike get outdoors to take advantage of the beaches along the Jersey Shore. In winter, the average temperature drops to 22 degrees and is accompanied by 25 inches of snow. While winters are too chilly, it is also a great time to have fun in the snow.

Public Transportation in Union County

Public transportation in Union County is offered by NJ Transit or NJT. NJT buses, light rail, and train service connect all areas of Union County with each other as well as with New Jersey, Midtown Manhattan, Philadelphia, etc. Recently, ridesharing has been gaining popularity in Union County as an option for commuting, with several programs offered through the local Transportation Management Association.

Make Your Home in Union County

The economy is perhaps the greatest advantage of Union County, which draws many potential homebuyers in. The region is brimming with employment opportunities. In addition, it is located close to major cities like Manhattan and Philadelphia. Meaning you can live away yet close to big-city food, shopping, and entertainment.

In addition, the real estate market is diverse, and there are plenty of things to do and see for those who like the outdoors. So, you are guaranteed everything you wish for and more in Union County

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