Trixie Castro

Trixie Castro

Administrative Assistant / Social Media Manager

Currently residing in the Philippines, Trixie, Dagmara’s executive assistant, is a goal-oriented and self-motivated person who demonstrates a strong work ethic and creative ability seeking to learn every day.

Trixie had graduated with a BS in Psychology, yet, had a hard time landing a suitable job when the pandemic hit. Thus, she pursued an opportunity in a different field and garnered experience in being an Account and Sales Associate. With a promising record of resolving issues effectively and quickly, in which she gained customers’ trust and satisfaction, she then decided to elevate her career by becoming a successful virtual assistant. She was ultimately chosen out of hundreds of applicants to assist Dagmara with real estate transactions, social media management, and general administration tasks.

Trixie is a loving daughter who aims to give back and make life less of a hassle for her family.

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